March 7th, 2011


Green Room - Week 16 - Day 6

Good morning.

Or at least hopefully it is going to be "good". Anything better than the last few mornings will at least be "tolerable morning!". Although, for some reason I don't see that catching on, or showing up on any t-shirts. is where all the action is going to be at for the next couple of days. So I hope you are taking the time to read, comment and vote! As other people have pointed out - this could (barring someone using their "back into the game" token) be bringing us to that elusive Top 75, which means that most of the special powers are going to be expiring this week.

Will that make for a few surprises in this week's poll?

*shrug* Only the people with those powers know for sure, and most of them are probably waiting to see what happens! :)


What sort of day are you having?