February 12th, 2011


Results - Second Chance Idol Week

The difference between the regular poll and a Second Chance one is that at least, at the end of it, I have some good news for *someone*. There is still bad, but at least I get to make a couple people happy.

Which is the sort of luxury that doesn't come around very often.

As Second Chance Idol heads to the conclusion, the stakes of continue to climb.

This week it was the Bottom 6 who have been eliminated. Unfortunately, for some of them this is goodbye to second time this season. For others, well, I will let them tell you, or not. But they are all familiar faces and old friends in the Idolverse. So I know we will continue to see most of them - and hope that the others will show up for the Home Game. (Which will be getting a dedicated of its own as soon as SCI is over)

Goodbye to:


That good news that I mentioned earlier? There are always 6 contestants who have earned the opportunity to, if they like, come over to the main competition.
They are another group of familiar names:



Vote - Week 13

A few words from clauderainsrm:

It's Week 13.

Do you know where your entries are?

They are right here.

Seriously, you should know where to find them by now!!

There has been a minor re-alignment down to a 2 tribe system. So the old 1 and 2 are now Tribe 1 and the old 3 and 4 are now Tribe 2.

Which means the old merch you bought at the table in the lobby needs to be replaced!

It also means that we will be eliminating the two contestants with the lowest votes from each tribe this week.

Before we kick things off though, we have our traditional announcement of the drops/byes. This week (today actually) nyxocity ended up dropping. Which is another of the newbies that people were saying that we would be seeing deep into the game. I thought that was going to be likely. That's not the plans Real Life had though.

As for bye-outs, this week there were ZERO. So, good job everyone! It makes life more interesting this way!

I already announced the number of contestants we were losing, and the change in the poll set-up, so nothing more to do here than to say that they will be closing Tuesday Feb 15th at 9pm EST and, of course, Good luck to everyone!

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