January 11th, 2011


Green Room - Week 8 - Day 9

1/11/11 - the most exciting thing around, at least until November 11th of this year.

Then watch everybody go crazy, twice, at 11:11 AM *and* PM!

Bring out the streamers and your party favors - it's celebration time!!

Whoo and indeed hoo!!

One day you can tell your grandchildren, or the kids of strangers that you meet in the park, before somebody calls the cops because you're extra creepy, that you were there on that 1/11/11 day and you saw what happened!!

All of those astonishing events that they will be reading about in the textbooks that are downloaded directly into their brains, you were there for them!



One of those important milestones is of course the last day to vote in the Week 8 poll. Which means YOU and only you (and maybe that person over there. But they look kind of shady, so you better not rely on them) can keep your favorites in for another week: http://community.livejournal.com/therealljidol/410651.html

So if you have any last minute exclamations/recs of entries that are not getting anywhere near the attention you personally feel they *should* be getting, today would be the day to make those.

It's also the first deadline for The Second Chance Idol folks: http://community.livejournal.com/therealljidol/410917.html So if you are signed up for that, make sure to get your entry in. After all, there is no "Third Chance Idol"!


It is also the day that "that thing" happened. I can't tell you about it. Because I read about it from that time traveler who stopped by a couple years ago.
But apparently today is when it happens. I don't think any one realizes how important and life changing it was for a few years though. But when you look back, it's pretty clear that it all started today.

I kind of wish that I hadn't killed that guy and dumped that blue police box in abandoned quarry now. I could have "coerced" some more information out of him. Oh well, I got this nice screwdriver out of the deal at any rate.


Happy 1/11/11 to you!

Week 8 - Results

I don't have to tell you what today is. By now, you know, and dread this time of week.

It's time to say goodbye.
The results are in, and no special powers were used this round, so there are no further shocking twists, other than who we are saying goodbye to this time around:



It's a combination of talented newbies and well loved veterans this time around.

In the end, everyone but one contestant ends up leaving us - and it doesn't get any easier to see it happen.

Hopefully we will continue to see you folks around the Green Room, and the Home Game. Because although Second Chance Idol is closed for sign ups, there is always the Home Game, and a couple "back into the game" tokens out there! You never know what could happen!

Topic - Week 9

People are wondering what the next topic is going to be for the main competition.

After all, that's what is about - get the topic, write an entry, post the entry, link it, read what everyone else came up with, and vote. Then you find out what the outcome is, and repeat the process.

So it is logical to be wondering what is going to come next.

How are we going to start Week 9?

Why are you still here looking at this screen, go get writing. . .

You have your

Marching Orders

Or rather, you do now.

Deadline to link your entry back here is Sat Jan 15th at 2pm EST

Have fun!

Vote - Second Chance Idol - Week 1

A few words from clauderainsrm:

When one door closes, another opens. Or maybe it's a window. Sometimes it's specifically God opening them. Other times it's not so clear other than it happens.

This time - it's me. I opened the window, or maybe a vent through the chimney for people to slide down and leave presents under the tree.

Presents *for you*, the reader.

They even made nice personalized gift tags.

The best way to say "thank you" to them is to read what they are offering, and vote for your favorites - and of course make sure you comment to them! Comments are the handwritten "thank you" notes of the LJ world.

This is Second Chance Idol, another chance to get back where they "should" be - into the main competition.

Their topic this week was "Take Heart", and from what I've read, they certainly have more than enough heart to spare!

The two entries with the MOST votes will give the contestant the opportunity to re-enter the main competition. (People *do* have the option of a "pass", opting to stay on Second Chance Idol, for whatever reason. If that happens, then it goes to the next highest, and extra)

The two entries with the LOWEST vote totals = those contestants are eliminated from Second Chance Idol.

The poll closes Saturday Jan 15th at 1 PM EST. So if you haven't had the opportunity to meet some of these folks yet, or missed them the first time around, you have a second chance to correct that!

Good luck to you all!

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Work Room - Week 9

The Work Room is your space to hammer things out when you hit a snag or discuss writing in general.

Need someone to take a second look at your entry? Thinking that "talking about the entry as an entry" has been played out and want to know what other people think?

This is a space for it.

It's once a week, so far, and hopefully people will continue to check back to it as both the main competition and the Second Chancers (and various members of the Idol community, if they want to do so) stop in and talk shop.

There are times when I throw out a specific idea to get the ball rolling. But not this week. This time around it's all you.

So what's going on in that head of yours (as far as writing goes. I'm not sure some of that other stuff is legal!)

Anything you want to bring up?

The new main competition topic is up http://community.livejournal.com/therealljidol/412319.html
Goodbyes from Week 8 are http://community.livejournal.com/therealljidol/412017.html
and you can read, and vote on Second Chance entries http://community.livejournal.com/therealljidol/412468.html