December 21st, 2010


Green Room - Week 7 - Day 7

Good morning and Happy "Last Elimination Deadline Before Christmas", Maybe. :)

You have until 9pm EST tonight to support your favorites and give them a reason to be jolly this season.

You have until the end of the day to wish tigrkittn a "Happy" "Birthday".

You have until this bus drops below 50mph before it explodes.

Good luck with that.

(and Hey, it's 7-7-7! Who is going to hit the jackpot today????)

Week 7 - Results

I think it's fair to say that this is another in a line of extremely sad weeks. Then again, regardless of the outcomes, they are all going to be sad weeks.

I know there are some folks who still, even after I said that this was an elimination week, think that it's not. I wish that was the case. Unfortunately, that was set quite some time ago.

Which means that we have to say goodbye to some really good, and talented, folks. It also means that I really hope we will be seeing them over in the Home Game, and looking around corners for that chance to come back into the game!

Leaving us this week are:

and my Potter

That is only 3 people though, and there are 7 tribes.
Over the last couple of days, we had a couple bone shattering drops:


Which means no one else from those tribes is going home, they sacrificed themselves to keep you in. viagra though did want me to post his statement, so no one thinks that by dropping that he actually helped anyone and mistake him for "a nice guy": "FUCK THIS SHIT I HATE EVERYONE".

We also have two ties. Which means there will be a tie-breaker in each tribe.

In Tribe 1


and in Tribe 4


The tie-breaker topic is, of course, Jackpot.

The four contestants need to link their entries in the thread provided below by tomorrow, Wednesday, Dec 22nd at 10pm EST. Have fun!


What is this week's topic?

It should be pretty obvious that it's

See you on Monday Jan 3rd

Oh wait, that's not a topic. It's giving you off until after the first of the year. So that you can enjoy yourselves.

Who says that I'm not nice? I mean other than everyone who has ever encountered me???

Now that you have the extra time you have no excuse to not go back over to and say goodbye to the people leaving us this week.

Don't despair though.

There will be free topics, and some surprises (including the announcement a lot of folks have been waiting to hear) over the "break".

So there will be plenty of excitement still going on here!

The people left (after the tie-breakers) have officially survived Phase 1 of Season 7. Phase 2 will start when you get back, so you had better be ready!