December 13th, 2010


Green Room - Week 6 - Day 6

As I was walking into work this morning - police cars were zooming by with their lights flashing and sirens going. Every minute or so another one would rush by - it wasn't just marked ones either, there was a van with a couple ladders on it that looked like an electrican or plumber! But when they were going by, their lights and sirens were going as well!

Clearly there was some major trouble going on down the street.

My first thought - I didn't know kithan was in town!!!


What I *do* know is that the current poll is here - and that there is a LOT of good material out there.

But who isn't getting the lights flashing on their work or the sirens alerting people that it's there? (OK, I'm stretching the analogy - but you're following, so that's all that matters!)

Who has arrested your attention?


Speaking of arrested - how was your weekend? :)