December 1st, 2010


Green Room - Week 5 - Day 1

According to FB, today is "Pay it Forward Day". I guess that means you have to stay home and watch the movie. Maybe tomorrow will be Repo Man day!

What random act of kindness are you planning on doing today? If you plan and schedule it is it really all that "random"?

Will you instead perform a random act of kicking someone when they are down? That could be fun too. :)

I'm sure everyone could come up with a list of suggestions!


So we've made it to Wednesday. "Hump Day". Or as I like to call it "Survivor Day!"

This week it's also "Tie-Breaker Day"! So let's not forget to cheer them on!

A list of links for people to weren't around last night/just want to check back in on the threads:

Saying goodbye:
New Work Room:
and of course the
New Topic:

Week 4 Tie-Breaker

A few words from clauderainsrm:

Our first tie-breaker of the season! Exciting right? *kicks you* I said EXCITING, right??? That's better!

Two very different writers and two very different choices are before you. Will you pick the tiger or the other tiger waiting behind the door marked "lady"?

Read the entries. Comment on them - people love feedback. Vote for your favorite(s).

The tie-breaker topic was "Take A Chance". We are about to find out who took the chance that paid off!

The poll closes tomorrow, Thursday, Dec 2nd at 9pm EDT.
Good luck to you both.

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