November 30th, 2010


Green Room - Week 4 - Day 7

It's the last day of the poll where things are looking awfully tight pretty much everywhere you look! So remember to support your favorites to stay in this thing another week!

Who should be receiving a little more attention than they are currently getting? Besides "everybody". :)


It's also the last day of the month, which means it's the final day of that National Writing Dohickey. Did you "win"? Place? Show?

Is anyone signing up for that National Authors Movement: Beyond Language Arts group? From what little I know of them they seem to have more outreach programs during the holidays.

Happy Birthday to alephz!

Week 4 - Results and Tie-Breaker

I don't think anyone will argue with me that this week was tough. Losing people at the end of it? That doesn't get any easier.

Especially when the people leaving are clearly talented. Some of them I've barely gotten to know, but saw a lot of promise in their work. Others I'm rather personally fond of them.

The one hope is that they will continue on with the Home Game and take advantage of the opportunity to try to get back into the thick of things when that door opens.

Until then, we have to say goodbye to



Obviously that doesn't cover everyone. We are missing an elimination from Tribe 5. That is because it ended with our first tie of the season between

What happens now is a tie-breaker. They both have until Tomorrow, Wednesday Dec 1st at 10pm EST to submit an entry on the tie-breaker topic. (Linked to this thread)

The topic? Glad you asked. It's Take a Chance!

Good luck to both of you.

Topic - Week 5

With so much going on over the holidays and the tribe switches, I'll admit, this next topic is a bit of an afterthought.

In fact, it's pretty much all afterthought.

Actually, to be specific, the topic this week is


Entries should be linked back here by Saturday Dec 4th at 6pm EST.

Have fun!

Work Room - Week 5

This is the Work Room post for therealljidol.

It is about a space for people to discuss the new topic and writing in general.
I had some trouble thinking of what to put in this Work Room. It was really hard.

Finally though I think I came up with an angle to write about for the Work Room. It's not my best. But I hope you enjoy it.


It doesn't sound any better as the opening of a Work Room than it does in an entry.

We all have self doubt and we all struggle, hoping to showcase our best efforts. Yeah, sometimes it falls a little flat.

Most of the time though, it's probably not as bad you think it is - we tend to be our own worst critic after all. Which is why if you are having doubts, or even if you aren't, (because we also have blind spots!!) it might not be a bad idea to find a friend you trust to "beta read" for you.

Then again, maybe you don't need that. Or want it. But it's an option on the table, a tool to pick up and use when you need it.

What about you? Do you have a beta reader? Are you someone else's beta reader?

Do you find it helpful?

The new topic is up:

and people are saying goodbye to those who left us this week: