November 28th, 2010


Green Room - Week 4 - Day 5

It's that time again, time to refresh the Idol poll

and to remember that the extended weekend (for some of us) is coming to an end. Which means that the good times are over and it's time to start focusing in on getting down to work. Wait, am I still talking about the competition? :P Certainly the new tribes have the potential to cause some major shifts. But honestly, so does the idea of waking up on Monday!!


What was your favorite part of your holiday weekend? Or, if you didn't have a holiday weekend, which definitely means you do not live in my apartment - and without a doubt it means that I need to build a higher wall to keep you out - I suppose you probably had a weekend anyway. Maybe there were events in it. Some of them were probably good. Unless you are prohibited by socialism from having good days. :P

In which case what things weren't as bad as standing in the bread lines???? ;)