November 27th, 2010


Green Room - Week 4 - Day 4

The countdown to deadline continues: as the weekend continues to screw with the sense of time. That's what is so wonderful, and scary, about extended weekends. You end up not knowing what day it exactly is until you stop and realize "Oh grap! I had a four day weekend and I've been out ten days now!" ;)

Time is s tricksy one, that never tells you what its got in its pocketss.

So how are you doing this weekend anyway? Doing anything fun?

Has anyone actually started putting up their Christmas tree? I have several friends who have, but I'm more of a last minute- if I get around to it sort! :D

Vote - Week 4

A few words from clauderainsrm:

Just in time for the holiday - There new are tribes this week!

How did they come together? It's pretty straight forward, it was the average of the past 3 weeks. People can look at the "top" and the "bottom" vote getters, but for me the most interesting development was how close the entire "middle" section actually is - we are talking percentage points away from each other! Every section should, based on the last few weeks, be competitive.

Unfortunately there were several drops and a bye-outs over the last few days. That real life continues to pound on the door of the things that are *actually* important - like Idol!! Geez people, get some priorities! :P

The following had to drop:

and the others used up their final bye, and then missed this week as well:


Some people that I thought we would be seeing for quite some time in there. It just goes to show, that anything can, and probably will, happen.

Which means no one should be feeling overly safe this week! :)

Consider it my Thanksgiving present to you!! Obsessive refreshing, it's the gift that keeps on giving!!!

The contestant with the entry that gets the least votes, in each tribe, will be eliminated.

The poll will close Tuesday Nov 30th at 9pm EST! So make sure you take the time to read, and support, your favorites! With all the byes, there is less to read this week - and it also means that commenting will be even more appreciated than it usually is!! (Note: It's a "normal" voting week, you do not have to be a member in order to vote.)

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