November 23rd, 2010


Green Room - Week 3 - Day 7

I've just installed a TSA scanner at all the entrances to Idol, in order to make sure that no unauthorized cookies/baked goods are being brought in without "proper inspection". All damn foreigners* (*anyone not living in my apartment - you all look alike to me) will be scanned as they come through.

There is a poll currently happening: - so make sure to get your now scanned selves over there to make sure that your favorites will be sticking around another week!

Week 3 - Results

Another week brings us to another time to say goodbye.

Every week this is going to get a little more difficult. I was just talking to someone recently about this season and how even their personal "least favorite" of the bunch, still had a lot of talent and even more in the way of potential.

That would be true of any random sampling of Idol contestants - and it's certainly true of the people that we are saying goodbye to today. A couple of them are folks that I've had to say goodbye to in previous seasons and I was personally hoping that I wouldn't have to be doing this quite so soon again.

In every single one of these eliminations, it came down to *less than 4 votes*. So if you are ever unsure if your support matters - it clearly does.

The folks leaving us today are:



You may have noticed that there was not the expected elimination from Tribe 3. That is because maerhys needed to bow out. That "real life" monster has reared it's ugly head once again, taking out someone that I think a lot of people out there had an eye on to see what was coming next.

Hopefully everyone knows this already - but I hope that you will continue to stick around and play the Home Game. You never know what is going to happen next - or when!

Topic - Week 4

It's time to discuss the elephant in the room.

That is - what is going on this week?

Will there be a topic? What will it be?

The answers are Yes. There is a topic.

And as I just said, it's

The Elephant in the Room

Links to entries are due back here by Saturday Nov 27th at 6pm EST.

Have fun!!

Work Room - Week 4

With the new topic ( ) comes a new Work Room.

It's a place for you to brainstorm about the topic and to discuss "process" with your fellow writers.

Such as What are the strengths in your writing, and how do you play to them? What are your weaknesses? Do you actively steer yourself away from them or is it something you are attempting to confront and improve on? Do you necessarily *need* to confront weaknesses in your own structure or is it best to focus inside your comfort zone?

It's the old "Do you want to be a jack of all trades or a specialist?" that has a way of popping up not just in writing, but in life in general.

Where do you see yourself in those terms? Where do you want to be?