November 19th, 2010


Green Room - Week 3 - Day 3

Today is the anniversary of the day that some scientists, working in an underground bunker in the middle of a desert realized that if you mixed equal doses of obsession over scantily clad reality show contestants who looked at you with completely vacant doe eyes and being wrong - that you could, in fact, create one of the worst disasters known to man. In order to keep their creation from destroying itself they also gave it incredible luck in it's current ability to "date up" and an uncanny ability to land on it's feet during moments of crisis.

They called their creation "Kevin", after the world's first recorded massive mistake, the time a caveman decided that if fire kept you warm, that it would make a nice jacket. According to legend, when he put it on, realizing his deadly mistake he cried out 'KEVIN!'

No one was particularly sure why. But the name stuck.

So, Happy Kevin Day to you all!!

Try not to pull one!!


The topic thread is at (which for those who don't know, is also the place to declare your byes for those taking one.)

and the Work Room is for people to still need to throw around ideas.


I ended up getting physically ill this morning and staying home. Which is about as Kevin as you can get - sleeping in and not really doing much!

I hope you can manage to *not* be like that today! Best of luck!