November 12th, 2010


Green Room - Week 2 - Day 3

Happy Kizzy Day to you. It's the day when we honor the weirdo in you, by you baking me things. :)
It's a very important holiday in some cultures - and by "some cultures" I mean mine.

Also important in many cultures through the world - , The Topic post and making sure everyone mentioned in the post has emailed me with their tribe selections.

There are vast celebrations in parts of foreignland for both of these things, with parades, fireworks, and waterboarding. You know, things "regular folk" like.


It's also Friday, and apparently LJ will be down for maintenance (or perhaps out picking up something nice for you) for a couple hours as of 7pm EST. At least according to the message I saw. So make sure to plan accordingly.

When are *you* planning on being down for maintenance, and are you still under warranty?