November 9th, 2010


Green Room - Week 1 - Day 7

Today is the final day of the poll which means it's your final chance to make the decision on who will be leaving us this week. There is a LOT of talent again this season, which means it's not going to be an easy choice.


I promised an announcement the other day - and I have one!

I'm proud to announce that we have a new member of the Idol staff! People who have been following us for awhile know this doesn't happen often, but hopefully you will agree that she will be a tremendous asset.

You know her. You love her.

Please join me in welcoming kittenboo!

Nothing has changed. kithan is still tech support and running the website (Again, if anyone wants to contribute please contact her) and I'm still me. Host, executive producer, fry cook, and the guy who's going to take back the cookies that are rightfully mine!

She will be a welcomed help in getting things done and an extra resource. I know she's going to do a great job!


Is Tuesday being good to you or hitting you like James Harrison?


Happy Birthday to serpentpixie!

Week 1 - Results

It's the nature of the game. Someone has to be eliminated first.

After all, at the end of things, it's going to happen to every single one of you - except one. Looking around at the wealth of talent around you, that's pretty hard to picture isn't it? But it's going to happen.

It is why is it so very important for people to take the time to say goodbye to those leaving us. Because sooner or later, it may be you. Chances are good it will be.

The first eliminations are always surreal, because there's always the feeling "If a few more people had gotten the chance to read this piece". It's a big crowd and sometimes that ball just bounces the wrong way.

That's why I highly encourage people to go back and check out the work of the people who are leaving us this week - to see what you missed. If you read it the first time, go back when you have a little more time. You never know when someone is going to surprise you.

Most of them this time are actually veterans. But if you haven't checked them out before, take the opportunity to do it.

Leaving us this week are:



Thank you so much for coming out this season. Just by showing up you have accomplished something that a lot of people out there want to, but haven't managed to work themselves up to trying.

Just FYI, there *will* be chances to re-enter the game this season. I normally don't say that, but I'll go on the record right now with it. So I hope we continue to see you around, and get to read your Home Game entries.

Something Extra

The results are in, and you should definitely be taking a moment to say goodbye to those leaving us today:

That said, I promised that there was going to be "something special" given out this week after the results came in.

I think this qualifies.

There were, in total 7 people who were "on the brink" of elimination this time. (There was a 4 way tie in Tribe 4!)

They are


Given "normal accepted momentum" this puts them as likely to be gone from their tribe next week.
Unless something changes. Unless they get a chance to change their fortune.

This being Idol - they do.

I'm giving them a second chance to get their footing and establish themselves.

The 7 of them are moving to their own tribe. But they aren't going alone. They are allowed to pick up to 5 other contestants (from any tribe) to join them on this new adventure.

So if you are one of those 7 people - email your choices to (or via LJ) by Friday Nov 12th at 6pm EST.

Topic - Week 2

You survived the first vote.


We know that you can build worlds, but let's see how you are with a little


thrown into the mix.

The deadline to get your entries linked back here is Saturday Nov 13th at 6pm EST.
( to see what that means wherever you are in "foreignland"/aka places that are not my apartment)
Have fun!!

(reminder - this thread is for contestant links to entries and declaring your "byes" only)

Work Room - Week 2

I apologize for the number of posts this evening. But with the new Topic there needs to be a new Work Room.

As I said last week, this is a space to not only bounce ideas off each other, but also to discuss writing in general. What makes one thing sing and another sink for you?

What mistakes are you seeing out there that people should be aware of might be costing them? What are you seeing that really works for you?

It's your Work Room - decide what to be and go be it.