October 27th, 2010


Green Room - Sign Up Week - Day 3

Happy oneonthefence's birthday to you! Since she is apparently sitting this season out, I have decided to give her birthday to all of you!!! Enjoy!! :)

DEMAND CAKE from random strangers you come across during the course of your day!!!

What else do you get?

Another day of sign ups!!! http://community.livejournal.com/therealljidol/378800.html

Make sure to tell your friends and bring them to the party!!! There will be an announcement later today about when that will be closing!

How about a link to some new icons? http://ljidol.com/wp/graphics/

(obviously the Sammy-Jo ones are specific to the contestant who requested them, but it's two designs that have already been approved and so are featured. I'm looking over some more now, so keep looking back and submit your own requests.)

Remember - anyone who wants to contribute to www.ljidol.com can contact kithan to see how you can help.


Which reminds me - because this comes up every season so it's good to tell the newbies and refresh the veterans - the *only two* official LJ Idol folks are myself and kithan. She is the one who can hopefully help you with technical issues and can be reached at kithan@charter.net.

I'm Gary. Your Host/Show Producer/Evil Figure Behind the Screen. I do everything else and ultimately if you need something/have a question that no one else can answer, that is why I am here. I do try to keep the door as open as humanly possible. (I owe at least one person an email from just before the sign up period started. Sorry about that! :D)
My email is clauderainsrm@gmail.com.

There are plenty of veterans, long time viewers and former contestants who pop their heads in from time to time that are terrific resources. But as I said, there usually comes a time when someone makes a mistake and assumes something is official when it's not. The best way of finding out is through myself or kithan.

Remember, if you are signing up with a secondary account that you are using in Idol, please contact me to let me know about your primary account. Thanks!


There really isn't anything else for this spot. I just like making a new note.


Hope you are having a terrific day!

Week 0 Topic

*checks watch* Yep. It’s about that time.

I’m throwing out the usual softball of an introduction to the World of Idol. Of course some folks end up finding this to be extremely difficult.

It’s our “Week 0” topic/the Introduction.

Introduce yourself.

It doesn’t matter how you do it. However you want.

Write an entry letting us into your world, and then link that entry back here to this thread.

The deadline is Sunday October 31st at 3pm EDT
Oddly enough, that is ALSO an HOUR AFTER the deadline for Sign Ups. Weird how that works out!!! :)
Have fun!!

Note: this thread is for LINKS TO ENTRIES ONLY. Thanks