July 16th, 2010


Green Room - Week 34 - 4

Good morning.

Unless of course it's not morning when you are reading this, in which case get with the program slacker!

Sure, you might be "in another part of the world", but it's really no excuse!

They say we make our own realities, so just go outside and brush that sun back into the sky. Use watercolor if you have it - but magic marker will work just as well.

Welcome to the "day before the deadline" - have you been reading the entries up so far? http://community.livejournal.com/therealljidol/365631.html As of this morning 3 of the partners have posted. 3 completely new writers to the Idol universe. Please take the time to go over, read them, and say hello!!

Someone did it for you. You should return that favor and do it for someone else! :)


So, how was your week? I know a couple people are moving. Are the rest standing still? Sitting still? Sitting down for this?


Happy Birthday to our own justkimu!!