July 12th, 2010


Green Room - Week 33 - 5

They say you can't go home again.

Obviously "they" haven't watched ET. Or baseball. Or read the Odyssey. Because obviously it's possible, just very difficult. I imagine that it is much easier thanks to GPS.

This all makes me wonder if "they" have actually moved into your house when you aren't looking. So they are trying to discourage you from going there and finding them with all of your stuff.

Either that, or they are the people who design google maps. No wonder they don't believe you can find your actual destination!

Perhaps though, the lesson is "don't leave home in the first place". That would make sense. Then you don't have to worry about going back there.

Staying at home is good for refreshing polls!

Speaking of polls:

It's the final day of the Champions poll - determining who will advance to our Lucky 7! http://community.livejournal.com/therealljidol/364559.html

What were your personal favorites from the champions? Which were your favorite from the contestants? Did they happen to match up?


So what is going on today? This week? This very moment? This magic moment?


Congratulations to beautyofgrey on her engagement!!

and RIP Harvey Pekar.

Results - Week 33

Before we get to the sad part of the day, I want to take a moment to thank the Champions who came out this week for doing such a spectacular job!

There was twice as much awesome reading material than normal, from twice as many people - and that is never a bad thing. Thank you for coming back for that and I hope we can continue to see you in the Home Game.

The rest of this post isn't as good.

Because we are saying goodbye to two contestants who brought so much talent, and laughter, to the table over the course of the competition.
Today we are saying goodbye to two of the three men left in the competition:


Simply put, you both are awesome and I certainly hope to be seeing you around for the remaining of the season, and hopefully next time as well. (Although I can certainly understand, notbatman if you need to rest for a little bit. *sends you good thoughts*)

Topic(s) - Week 34

Week 34 and the "Lucky 7".

How do we know they are lucky? Because they get to have some more fun!!

That's lucky! Right? Um - right???

There are Three Topics this week.

You need to write two of them.

The third one needs to be completed by your partner. (not champion this time, I'll let you breathe easy on that score. See - I'm being nice!)

Who is your partner? You need to select someone who has NEVER participated in Idol as a contestant before! *smiles* What to get for that friend who has everything??? Deadlines!!!

Unlike last time - They will need to link their own entry to this thread.

The three topics are

Back in the Habit
Brown Baggin' It

Thrown to the Lions

The deadline to link all 3 entries back here is Saturday July 17th at 9pm EDT.

Have fun!