July 6th, 2010


Green Room - Week 32 - 6

I was going over some basic demographics of the remaining contestants last night and realized that the whole "continuing white woman living in the US" previous winner streak was in almost as much trouble as the "guy winning it" - which is on par with "damn foreigner taking it all".

So the different possibilities are roughly even. The next few votes will probably so us how that will shake itself out. Right now it's a cross between a curiosity and "about time that happened".

I think that says a lot of good things about the group we have left, as well as the voters.

http://community.livejournal.com/therealljidol/361274.html is where the action is - and where that decision on who moves forward will be reached.


So, how are you doing today?
Those of you who had an extended weekend - did you have a good one?
Those of you who didn't, well, hopefully you had a good Monday. :)


The one person who doesn't have to worry about being eliminated from HAVING A BIRTHDAY TODAY is supremegoddess1!! Or does she??? *cue dramatic music*

Results - Week 32

Here we are at the worst part of the week.

But by now we all know what's coming, and people's refresh buttons are screaming "stop it!!!" as another week's polls come to a dramatic finish.

Once the final immunities of the season are taken into consideration - we end up losing two veterans. Two contestants with pretty darn loud cheering sections, for a damn good reason.

11th place - strryeyedgrrl
10th place - Lady with The Can Opener aka gratefuladdict

Thank you both for coming back this season and giving us so very much.

There's not much time left in the competition, but I hope that we will be seeing you in the Home Game (and around here in general!)

This just keeps getting more and more brutal every week. . .

Topic(s) - Week 33 - Intersection

It also means that it's time for - FIGHT THE BEAR!!!!

Wait. Sorry, that it Japanese Game Show Idol.

One of my favorite parts of Top Chef, Hell's Kitchen and the Apprentice (back before it went into the IMO unwatchable Celebrity version) is the bringing people back to assist you.

So that's what we are doing now. It's an INTERSECTION. But this time - you will be picking one contestant from this season who has crossed over to the Home Game!!!

There are two topics. You only have to do one. Your chosen partner does the other one. (and of course if your partner misses the deadline - your team does. So choose wisely!)

The topics are:

Fool Me Once
Going All In

The current contestant will be responsible for linking both entries back here by Friday July 9th at 9pm EDT

Have fun!!!