June 26th, 2010


Green Room - Week 31 - 8

I was just looking over a photo stream that a friend of mine posted over on Flickr of his family vacation.

It's one of those annual muti-generational things that has been happening, *thinks* honestly I'm not sure how long, I'd have to ask, I know at least that my friend's father used to go on the trip as a kid. I'm not sure if they went before that though.

They rent these cottages out on the beach and spend a week in an area that is still not build up, so when you are out there it feels like you are the only people.

Just you and your family on a beach vacation for a week. They always come back with such stories, and missing it so much.

Seeing the pictures, I can see why. There's just something special about the whole thing.

A sense of family, of place, and belonging. It's something primal. (I've seen people who "don't need anyone" group together with other folks who "don't need anyone" and bond over it!)

When you aren't fortunate enough to be born into it, you make your own. Sometimes with more success than others. But most of us try.


Heh, not really sure what that has to do with anything. Although, I guess bonds in Idol or something vague like that. Wasn't the intent, but I'll take it as being as good of a transition as any.

It's sort of the mental follow up (in some ways) to the conversation that I had about the idea of passing down information from one generation to the next, and the place of livejournal (and places like this) as tools in that. (mentioned in yesterday's green room toward the end of the day)

somethingsomethingsomething - there's a poll. (No real transition there, but I do need to mention it)

poll. pool. swimming. beach. beach vacations. There you go. Kevin Bacon.


I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend surrounded by the people you love, and who love you.


Btw - I don't know when other areas celebrate it, but since it's happening here now, with pretty much all the big events happening this weekend - Happy Pride Week.