June 14th, 2010


Green Room - Week 30 - 2

Yeats said "things fall apart the centre cannot hold" - but did he ever try superglue??? That would have made things so much easier for him.

Or duct tape. Duct tape holds everything together.

I'm starting to think that he might have been a poet, but was kind of lazy as a handyman.

He just sat around at parties being confused with William Blake, instead of coming up with makeshift ways to hold things together.

One thing that can always get you motivated is the topic post:
have you/your favorites gotten their entries in yet?


What are you holding together? *How* are you holding together?


For those who missed the birth announcement of Idol_Wilson:

""I'm typing one-handed with my 9 pound, 7 ounce baby in the left hand, baby Idol, a.k.a. Kung Fu Panda, because he has kung fu action grip. He pulled my IV out of my hand while nursing for the first time!

I went in for an induction early Thursday but didn't have the baby until 10:20 a.m. today. Most of that time was spent waiting for conditions to be right for active labor, which lasted about 2 1/2 hours. My Mom is now calling me Awesome Alyce.

I'll post pictures on my LJ sometime over the next two days, along with a friends-locked post giving his official name. "
She posted a picture of the new family over at: http://alycewilson.livejournal.com/318330.html
(well, the new family except the computer screen with the home page being the Green Room. But I assume that's just off to one side. Look for Idol_Wilson's entries soon. If he's anything like his mom, I assume he's signing up for next season! :D)