June 10th, 2010


Green Room - Week 29 - 4

http://community.livejournal.com/therealljidol/351078.html is the poll.

If you don't know where the poll is by now, considering how razor thin the margins between safe and in danger are this week (and have been for the last few weeks) - well, follow that link!! You've been missing out on some incredible entries and making your voice be heard in who goes forward. But now that you are here, check them out!
Read. Comment. Vote.

Three easy steps.


I have been posting "random facts" about the Top 17 here and there, add to those that I went to Week 9 to check out where everyone was placed when broken down by the size of their friends lists. Tribe 1 was the group with the smallest. Tribe 3 was the largest.
Tribe 1 - 3
Tribe 2 - 9
Tribe 3 - 5

So the "middle" of FL size clearly has made up some major ground.


17 entries. 17 unique voices.

And yet there are always people not quite "getting the love" that they deserve. What entries are folks missing out on? What about those entries appeals the most to you?


I posted this last night at the tail end of the Green Room, but it deserves to be repeated:

"Idol Gives Back
The ever-beloved deza mentioned this in her LJ as a signal boost, and although it's late in the day, hopefully people are still reading.

One of LJ's own aqeldroma lost everything, including her birds, in a fire.

The Red Cross has put her up in a hotel for the week.

http://tinyurl.com/helpalyssa (it links to a dreamwidth site. boo hiss. :p) is where a group of her friends are trying to help her survive for the next couple of months.

I know a lot of us don't really have anything to give these days, but if you could boost the signal by reposting the information to reach those who can, I know it will be appreciated."


Oh, and how are you doing?

Results - Week 29

That seriously came down to the wire!!! Up until I hit "close poll" I was thinking there could be a *4 way tie*!!

As much fun as that would have been though, we did end up with two folks being eliminated.

Hopefully I will be catching up with my goodbyes so I can say a hell of a lot more, because both of them have been quite remarkable to have around this season.

But until then, goodbye to



Oops, I meant to say rivermirage! ;)

(and yes - that means she *did* write twice as many entries a week, by also playing the Home Game for 29 weeks, or pretty close to it.)

Since she is "otherwise engaged in a special project" at the moment - she gave me this to post "just in case":

"I competed under a pen name this year, because I wanted to try to focus just on the writing and see how far that could get me. I also wanted to develop this particular character, who will be the protagonist of a novel I'm working on with a friend (though I did all the writing for LJI by myself). Most of the entries come from either one of our lives or the lives of people we know. I would welcome anybody who liked my writing as rivermirage to friend my regular blog. And I want to thank everyone for voting for me."

She also wrote a "Making Fire" entry. Again, "in case" - http://rivermirage.livejournal.com/9774.html

Thank you to both of you for fantastic runs and helping to make this season special.

Topic(s) - Week 30

So, You're the Top 15. Congratulations.

What are you going to do now?

Get another choice of two topics of course!!
(You only need to write one of them)

Once again these topics were supplied by your fellow contestants!

Plan B
Return to OZ

The deadline to link the entries back to this thread is Tuesday June 15th at 8pm EDT.