June 8th, 2010


Voting - Week 29

A few words from clauderainsrm:

Two topics this time around, Price to Play and The Worst Thing That I Ever Ate.
These came from the contestants themselves last week when I requested their topic ideas.

Thank you to pixiebelle and furzicle for providing them!

Two topics. Only one poll though. The bottom two will be eliminated.

Considering that we are at the Top 17 at the moment, any elimination is going to be difficult. The only advice that I can possibly give at this point to readers is to make sure you are reading and voting.

If you are one of the many new readers who come in toward the end of every season - welcome. I'm glad you are here and I hope you take the time to sit down and enjoy these entries. I know that you will.

The poll will close Thursday June 10th at 9pm EDT.

Good luck to you all.

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It's Never Too Late to Say Goodbye - Is It? (Part 4)

Another in the ongoing line of "Gary trying to catch up with these things".
The next to last before the jury edition.

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