June 7th, 2010


Green Room - Week 29 - 2

Another Monday in our decreasing time together. So it's bad all around. :(
Really thinking about that a lot this morning, as I continue to do the goodbyes and reflecting on the season behind us, while still excited about what is in front of us. Heck, given our top 17 there is *a lot* to be excited about! The entries they are giving us are amazing. But making the choice about who stays and who goes is just going to be tougher every week!
I always joke about the "Gary only vote" (or *is it* a joke???? *cue dramatic music*) but times like these I'm really happy that it doesn't exist!!! :) I think I would be throwing darts some weeks!!!

*sigh* Ah, but like I said - there is still plenty to do in front of us. So, let's to this week shall we??? :)


What are you reflecting on this morning? What is that figure in your "reflection" doing? Is it just you or the Mirror Universe you? Does it have a beard and an evil grimace?


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