May 25th, 2010


Green Room - Week 27 - 5

This way to the polls:
because that's where the fun is!! :)

(and all the entries!!)

*This* is the place where I mention to kittymichaels that my girls left me two parts of a lizard in front of my computer this morning. I thanked them although I didn't play with it. Maybe I should have. Apparently dead lizards are awesome. If cats like them, there's got to be something to them.

Fortunately it was *not* the lizard that the Dead Milkman saw in their backyard!!
That would have been awkward.


It's also the place where I say "Hey, how are YOU doing?" and you tell me, and random conversations start as a result. And then someone comes in with a bit of an attitude and insults your opinion about something and you get into a debate... then everyone puts on chicken suits and it turns into some sort of wrestling match Or does that part only happen in my head? ;)