May 24th, 2010


Green Room - Week 27 - 4

Thank you to kithan for stumbling in here over the weekend half out of her mind rambling about something or another!! I figured people would appreciate knowing that she was still alive and not locked in a dungeon somewhere that she couldn't see the sun for months at a time. *shakes head* Nope. That's not that case AT ALL. She's doing perfectly fine. Perfectly. fine.
No need to continue to search and rescue operations. :)


So. Lost.
Some people loved it. Some hated it.
Some liked some parts but didn't like other parts. Some liked it emotionally but not intellectually.
And some people haven't seen it yet so they haven't made up their mind yet.
(and some won't be watching it at all)

The one thing I *can* say though is that something that *everyone* loves and appreciates are the topic threads!! 9 out of 10 dentists agree that an Idol topic thread is good for your teeth and gums!!

The Home Game:
The Contestant thread:

It's something that everyone can enjoy, and each piece end however it is that the writer wants them to end!!! :D

Voting - Week 27

A few words from clauderainsrm:

Our top 21 of Season 6.

It's amazing to stop and think about. Just for a moment. Before moving forward again.

After this poll we will have less than 20 contestants left from a field of 241.

We will be losing the bottom two this week.

It's rough to think about. But that's the way this thing goes. It's why it is important to make sure that you vote for all of your favorite entries. To make sure that the people behind them will be writing one next week as well!! Read. Comment. Vote. (you can do those last two in reverse order if you like! :D)
Enjoy. Because you are going to be doing that regardless of where you put it on the list of "things to do".

The polls close Thursday May 27th at 8pm EDT
Good luck to you all.

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