May 21st, 2010


Green Room - Week 27 - 2

Good morning.

There is a run off going on: that is likely to take your breath away. So don't go there if you like to breathe!!

If you have an extra air tank, or are just a risk taker in general, feel free though - because you certainly should read their entries and vote for your favorites!!


I'm hoping to have a good weekend in front of me. But what about YOU? Fun, Fun, Fun in the Sun, Sun, Sun? Or Lost in Time, Lost in Space and Meaning?

Results - Week 26 Run Off

Holy Grap.


I'm not sure what that poll was like from the outside, but looking at those votes coming in over the last hour (and trying to keep up with the verifying process) was nerve wracking. It seemed like every time I refreshed there were more votes - and the lead kept shifting.

Given 10 more minutes I think we probably would have had different results. Probably less.

But the "holy grap" wasn't just reserved for the poll itself, but also for the results.

Saying goodbye to kittenboo is something that I always try to avoid, because it feels like something is been torn out of you in the process. That rawness that is in her writing, is in who she is, that streak of being genuine in a way that jumps off the "page" - how do you say goodbye to *that*??

Fortunately, the past two seasons I've been able to hold off a little longer, a bit closer to the end, before needing to snuff that particular torch.

Congratulations to both of the guys. You wrote great entries and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do next. All three of them were quite good and it came down to the wire, as it should have.

I have the list of "official goodbyes" that hopefully, now that things in RL are setting down a bit, I will be working on again. But until then - thank you so much kittenboo for another terrific season's worth of reading material. I really hope you will be adding to it with the Home Game.

The only upside that I can think of at the moment is that now you will be able to enjoy the LOST finale instead of writing an entry for next week. It's a stretch for an upside. . .