May 20th, 2010


Topic - Week 27

Sometimes it's not so much what you say as it is how you say it.

Other times it's very much what you said. ;)

Sometimes it's about the little things. Other times it's about the big.

But mostly it's about this being a topic post.

It could be about any sort of thing. The topics often are.

Sometimes it can be about an "a", or an "e", or an "o" or "u".

Sometimes though, oh yes, sometimes it can be

Sometimes Why

The deadline to link your entry back to this thread is Monday May 24th at 8pm EDT.

Have fun.

Green Room - Week 27 - 1

Good morning.

In case you missed it last night, not only were the results posted/run off announced:
but the new topic was also posted:


I do give advice now and then. Mostly I just throw out information and let people sort it out for themselves. Sometimes they get it "right" and sometimes they get it "right for them".

But there is one thing that I say early on that I think needs to be said again: You want your favorites to stick around? Make sure to vote for them.
Not "is so and so safe? OK, good."
There are immunities flying around, and the way things tend to get in the last couple of hours when people realize "OMG my favorite is at risk!!" - it just makes it all that much more important.
Unless you are willing to live with the saying goodbye to writers that you want to see go further in the game - make sure to vote for all of your favorite entries all the time.

Even more to the point - tell other people about them. People feel differently about pimping - and I'm biased, more positive attention being generated toward Idol and the quality of writers who compete here is something that I enjoy. But considering how much times 1 or 2 votes have made the difference - considering that "the pack" is only about 10 votes shy of "the top" - if you read something cool, tell people "Go read THIS".

You don't have to even mention voting. If it makes enough of an impact on them, they will likely click that clicky box. :)

As I said - the number of opinions on "pimping" and what does and doesn't go "over the line" are varied. It's one of the many ethical questions (along with things like "how much will I do to get one more step ahead and what is more important - supporting quality or winning?" and other hits) that come up as a natural part of the process. Dealing with them for yourself, and finding a place that you are comfortable (within reason, based on community precedent), is part of the process as well - and IMO one more part of what makes Idol special.


So in other words - support your favorites. They need you - and make sure to spread the word about what makes them so gosh darn engaging to read! ;)


So - Thursday. How about that?

How are you doing today?

Week 26 - Run Off

A few words from clauderainsrm:

On one hand - you have a difficult decision before you. One of these three writers will be eliminated.

It is one of those weeks when I am extremely glad that I vote for everyone. All of them "deserve to stay". Unfortunately only two of them will.

On the other hand - you have three entries to read. Three distinct voices "making fire".

Read. Enjoy. Vote.

The poll is open until Friday May 21 at 9pm EDT

Good luck to all of you.

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