May 15th, 2010


Voting - Week 26

A few words from clauderainsrm:

For those of you joining us from parts unknown - Welcome to the LJ Idol poll.

Every week, or so, we gather together here to vote. Contestants write their entries, you read their entries, and click the clicky box next to the ones you like the best. You can cast as many votes as you want! All of the contestants at this point are pretty damn good, so not being able to find more than a couple that you like is going to be difficult IMO!

In this case there were two topics. One was "Face to Face" and the other was an "open topic", which pretty much means that they could write whatever they wanted to write. That's one of the reasons why I like open topics - because it gives a bit of insight into what they would come up with without any direction whatsoever.

Since we had two topics, we have two polls. Both of them are independent, so make sure you vote in both.

There will be two contestants eliminated in *both* polls. In case the same people are at the bottom in each, the next lowest vote totals in the second poll will be eliminated. (since the others would have been eliminated in the first poll)

There is also the matter of immunity to be handed out by the jury in each poll, just to make things a little more interesting.

It's getting down to the wire, so each vote is going be just a little more important every time!!!

Before we get to the polls themselves though, we have some sad business to handle.

Due to real life events, our own callistahogan was forced to drop out of the competition yesterday.
Due to, I'll admit, I have *no* idea what is going on other than the journal has been deleted and there was nothing that I could see in his older LJ explaining anything - the legendary markmade missed the deadline, and as you can see by the strike-through, the journal was deleted! Hopefully everything is OK with him. If anyone knows him outside the game, please send him our best and our hopes that everything is OK.

Both of them were amazing contestants this season, and I hope we will continue to see them around in the Green Room and the Home Game!!

That said - CONGRATULATIONS to those remaining, you have now officially made the TOP 25 of Season 6.

These polls will be open until Wednesday May 19th at 9pm EDT. So there is a little extra time to read and vote. I hope you take the time to do so, and to tell your friends to sit down and read as well. There's bound to be something that they enjoy!

Good luck to all of you in getting to that next step.

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