May 14th, 2010


Green Room - Week 26 - 7

Good morning.

How are you enjoying your emo_snal's birthday celebration holiday? Not having to go to work and just spending the day covered with bees, on a ship, is quite a treat.

Apparently it's an internationally recognized holiday where you travel around wearing suspenders (not that you can see them through the bees of course), romance women around the world and get into crazy adventures.

It's like the Odyssey crossed with Uncle Traveling Matt from Fraggle Rock!! (combined with Starburns from Community)

So, happy E_S Day to you! And happy 0_o day to you as well!!


Hopefully you are getting in your entries: because although the week was longer than usual, that isn't always a good thing. You may have already figured out - but sometimes "more time" is as big of a trap as "less time". ;)

I know some of the current contestants out there are starting to feel a bit more pressure - the veterans were (for the most part) expecting it. But it's a new animal for the newbies. You've all made it this far though, and the Top 25 is within holding your hand out toward it. The Top 20 is just on the other side of that. . . from there, well, we head toward "end game". Or at least a lot closer to it! :D