May 8th, 2010


Results - Week 25


Honestly I'm not even sure what to say. The whole "thank you for helping to make this a wonderful season" thing is certainly true. But I don't think it goes far enough.

I knew pricelessone's stuff from last year, but I think she really stepped up her game this season.

twistersflower was a complete find. I think sometimes even to herself. I'm not entirely sure she knows how good she is and can be.

superhappytime though. He started off slow, but I saw him starting to pick up steam over the last couple of weeks, and although he was a long time favorite of veterans, he was starting to pick up more attention from the newbies. I was thinking that he could finally be the guy to break that glass ceiling.

I really hope that we will continue to see the three of you around Idol proper - and WELCOME TO THE JURY, where you will be deciding on who gets immunity! So you will very much be involved in helping to shape where this thing is going.

Topic - Week 26

You know what would be fun right now?

An Open Topic!

Sure. That would be fun.

So would a Double Topic. . . hmmmm - but which one to do. . . hmmmm. . . how about both of them?

OK. That sounds fun!!!

Topic 1 is Open Topic. Write whatever you want to write, as usual.

Topic 2 is Face to Face

Yes, you do have to write both of them and they both need to be linked back here by Saturday May 15th at noon EDT.

Have fun!