May 1st, 2010


Results - Week 24

It's one of those weeks that you know are coming, but you still aren't quite prepared for.

Someone who has been a solid fan favorite, a veteran who by any standard could have been called one of the most popular people/"biggest names" in the game and a "surprise hit" who came out of nowhere to steal some hearts -

all gone this week.

The jury gave immunity to lawchicky, giving her another week in the game, and thus helping to place more people onto the jury for the coming weeks:

This time around we have the difficult task of saying goodbye to





I might need to sit down for a few minutes over here. Talk amongst yourself.

Every week is just that much more difficult to lose people.

Topic - Week 25

Most times I don't bother explaining the topics. After all, I want people to be able to take the topic and make it their own.

Sometimes I probably *should* have explained myself a bit better! ;)

So this time I will let you know that this is based on a phrase a friend of mine uses. Personally I'm a bit of a pacifist, but I definitely get the idea that there are people who just *look* annoying. (Sometimes they are and sometimes they aren't of course)

There you go. My topic disclaimer. I am not advocating violence. I wouldn't be advocating violence.

BUT sometimes there are people who you just want to hug. Sometimes you see them from across the way and you think they look smart. . .

and sometimes, oh yes, sometimes - there is someone who just plain has a

punchable face

Feel free to do anything you want with the topic of course - but people tend to ask me about these things, so this one I decided to give a *little* bit of background on. :)

The deadline to link your entries back here is Wednesday May 5th at 8pm EDT.

Have fun!!! (and try not to get punched in the face out there! ;) )

Green Room - Week 25 - Weekend Edition

My cat wanted to tell you


There might have been more of that message, but I cut her off before she could finish by being the disciplinarian who forced her off on the keyboard.


So - the new topic is up:

and once again the odds makers are going to have to re-do their "final stretch" scenarios given the people who we are saying goodbye to this week:

It does bring up an interesting (to me anyway) concept though of "who has been the biggest OMG I can't believe that I haven't been reading them!" of the competition for you? Sure, some people may have been reading since Day 1, but not everyone has. That, and people can change over the course of a season (heck, I've heard veterans indicating that they were sliding by early on and saving their "A-game" until things got tight toward the end!!) - so, who is on the radar NOW that might not have been there at the start of this thing?


Oh, and how is your weekend going? I guess I should ask that too! ;)