April 29th, 2010


Green Room - Week 24 - Day 6

I got a phone call yesterday.

See - I didn't forget. :)

It was from a former contestant/old friend of mine who has found herself involved in the planning of a new convention in Tampa.

Apparently they were sitting around in her apartment brainstorming and at one point the organizer noticed Idol Musings sitting on the shelf. She was familiar with LJ Idol, but had never made the connection that she was sitting in the apartment of someone who actually *knew me*. (apparently that was exciting. *shrug* I know me. It's not that exciting. ;) )

Discussion then turned to the idea of INVITING ME TO THE CONVENTION AS A GUEST.

So, later that day I ended up getting a phone call.

There will be a table with copies of Idol Musings for sale. There WILL be a "Idol related" panel - I am still working out who will be on it, although there has already been a couple folks contacted, let me know if you plan on being there and are interested in taking part. No guarantees, but I figured I would throw that out there.

Since Season 2, someone has always piped up with the comment "WE NEED TO HAVE AN IDOL CONVENTION!!!"

Well, it's not an "Idol Convention" - but it is IDOL BEING RECOGNIZED AT A CONVENTION. So make your travel plans accordingly!!! :)

It's October 8-10 in Tampa, FL. A nice place to be at that time of year!!!

It is a new con, so details are still being worked out - but I still thought it was pretty darn cool.


If you're even "kind of/sort of" in the area (and over 18)- or think you can get down here for it, I'd love to see you!!!


So, what exciting and unexpected news have YOU gotten this week?


Speaking of exciting and unexpected - the fate of your favorite writers (future panelists????) is in your hands!!!
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