April 14th, 2010


Green Room - Week 22 - Day 5

As I walked into the breakroom this morning, someone zipped ahead of me and got on the only working computer.

So I sat and waited for him to be finished buying his Farmville cows or checking the pictures of his cousin's baby or whatever it is that people without a purpose do when they get online.

Some of us *do* have a purpose - one that the World is waiting for - *posting a Green Room*!!!! :)

Additionally we have to remind people about the run off of a run off going on - http://community.livejournal.com/therealljidol/329168.html still plenty of time to make a difference in that vote, and to read a couple really cool entries.

We also have to tell the current contestants to get in their entries http://community.livejournal.com/therealljidol/327314.html

and remind the non-contestants that the Home Game is open to them: http://community.livejournal.com/therealljidol/328530.html

All in the brief time between when I walk in the door to work and when I actually have to officially be "working".

So I don't have the time for you to knock over a bank or find out what color tea pot you would be if you were a tea pot!!! They just need to get out of the way of history as it prepares to blow them away with another fantastic week's worth of entries in LJ Idol! :D

Right?!!? ;)


Oh, and how are you doing - and who is standing in the way of your greatness today?

Voting - Week 22

Run offs can be difficult.

That was the case this week.

We lost __rosieposie (and if this was any other type of vote, we would have lost her opponent as well. Fortunately no votes have been received!) and I think that I can speak for everyone when I say just how much she is going to be missed. Hopefully not from the Home Game though.

That said, Congratulations to the rest of you. You have now outlasted 200 other people this season.

Before we do anything else, please take a moment to think about that.

It doesn't matter what ends up happening this week, or next, or even in the finals. This is the point in the game to pause and look back for a moment. Because WOW. That's something you should be proud of no matter what. It's an accomplishment just to be willing to put yourself out there week after week, but to last *this long*?? I really do hope you feel good about that.

Now that you're feeling good about things and all is right in the world - that's the sign for me to pull the rug out from under you! ;)

I asked you to pick one of two topics. Some of you speculated that this meant you would be in two tribes based on topic.

This turns out to be TRUE. You are.

Each tribe will lose the BOTTOM 2 VOTE GETTERS this week. Because it's all about the "2's".

But hey, it's Week 22, and what would one twist be without a second one???

It's a Contestant Only Vote... with a twist of it's own. There is no limit to how many entries you can vote for, BUT, and this is important You can only vote for entries from THE OTHER TRIBE. If you wrote on "No Sight of Land", the only votes you will be casting will be for "Token" entries.

You didn't agree on choice of topics, but now we are going to see what "the Other Half" thinks.

Votes should be emailed to me at clauderainsrm@gmail.com by Saturday April 17th at 1pm EDT.
Good luck to all of you.

No Sight of Land

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