April 3rd, 2010


Results - Week 20

Another intense week and another dramatic photo finish.

At this point no one wants to "go home" and I think that is evident by how many people end up clinging on by their fingertips to stay in the hunt.

Which is why it becomes even more important to support the entries that you love, to make sure that you get to read another entry from that contestant the following week.

We are at the point where literally every single contestant is someone's favorite. If you don't think that *yours* is doing as well in the polls as they should, you need to make sure to let people know to start reading them. Don't be selfish! Share the love!!! :)

As anyone following the last part of the poll could tell you, the final spot ended up being between 1 vote deciding who was going to stay between *a couple*!!! All I have to say is that she better be getting more than flowers! ;)

This week was especially hard on the veterans it seems, with all three of them leaving us being returning contestants. For that matter, it was a heavy blow to the last half of the Idol alphabet!

This time around we say goodbye to


Topic 21

Everyone gets to be Hitler these days. Or at least you would think that if you read the signs. "So and so is Hitler!!!" (and this has been going on for years, so it's not just a single group of people - everyone wants to get in on the Hitler action these days... if there's someone you don't like, it has to be EXTREME example of why you don't like them)

Not only have I seen/heard the comparison - I've seen that certain people, over the years, are LITERALLY Hitler. (I would have assumed that the only person who actually was "literally Hitler" was someone named Hitler, but I digress...)

It's out there. You see it in day to day life - heck, you use it in day to day life. . .

but now you are using it in an Idol entry!!

That's right. Not only is this an entry for LJ Idol, it's the greatest topic ever in the history of the universe. This topic kicked Chuck Norris in the head and took his lunch money. . . this topic goes deeper and further than any other topic has dared to go, it is

Hyperbole is Literally Hitler

and you have until Wednesday April 7th at 8pm EDT to link your works of literary genius to this thread.

Literally have the most fun you have ever had in your life!!!! :)

Green Room - Week 21 - Day 1

Good afternoon.

Happy Day before massive amounts of chocolate to most of you, and to our non chocolate eating friends - can I have your share???

Please? :D


I've asked this before, and having seen two contestant only vote results now I *know* the people who everyone enjoys reading - but doesn't tend to get pimped as often or do as well in open votes. . . so I'm giving you another opportunity to sell the community at large on them!! Who isn't getting the attention you believe they deserve? What is it about their work that you enjoy?