March 27th, 2010


Green Room - Week 19 - Day 7

Did anyone get the name of that bus that hit me?

Oh yeah, I believe it was called "Foxy Shazam".

It was an incredible evening, and now we come to today - the horrible day. Anytime you lose people it's never a good thing. Losing this many, at this stage, after all these months, it is going to be difficult. But as they say, ultimately everyone has to go, and even the person who doesn't - they end up leaving too, in a far more permanent way! So there's a mixed blessing in every elimination. Sort of like life in general.

Heh, not even sure I know what I meant by that, but I'm leaving it! :p


Speaking of the elimination - MAKE SURE to get your votes in!!

if you want to have a voice in who stays and who goes!!!


Other than the voting, and the waiting - how is your weekend going?


edit to add: I was just notified that one of the Gatekeepers, due to RL events, needs to have a little longer to finish their votes. Given that I know there are a few of you who still haven't turned in your ballots, I am extending the waiting until Tomorrow at noon EDT UNLESS all of the votes arrive before then. I apologize. You, hopefully, know by now that I don't tend to do this. But this is a big enough vote that I want to make sure *everyone* has the chance to have their say and it is a rather extraordinary circumstance.

Free Topic

Since I extended the deadline, and don't want to get started on Week 20 given how many people will be saying goodbye this time, I figured I would throw out a "Free Topic".

For those who don't know/remember/newbies out there in LJ Idol readerland - A Free Topic is one that everyone can write on, even if you are not a current contestant - and the all get linked in the same thread.

There is no vote and no one is eliminated. It's just a little something to do if you feel like doing it.

The free topic, appropriate for the moment, is The Waiting Just post a link to your entry back to this thread!!!

It's a free topic, so obviously there is no deadline.

Have fun.