March 13th, 2010


Green Room - Week 17 - Day 7

Good morning.

I want to thank all of you out there who have opened up your hearts, and your wallets to this great cause. Thanks to your amazing generosity we have raised over $100,000 in the past 23 1/2 hours for a charity that helps so many people.

Poll addiction isn't something that discriminates. It strikes all across the world, in every demographic. Thanks to you though, we are working on a cure - it's called "heading to the end of the season". Only by getting to the end, will we be able to rid ourselves, and our refresh key finger ache, from this need that grips us and does not let go until we are wandering the streets in a daze trying to vote on things.

With your help, and generous support, we can beat this. One poll at a time.


Until then though - there's this poll going on that you might find interesting if you have the time to peek over there:

So how is your Saturday???

Results Week 17

I apologize for the delay. Everything is OK. You know those well crafted plans that meet with mechanical failure? Yeah. That was it.

But everything worked out fine and kithan put up with my frantic phone calls and was able to get the poll closed on time.

So - before we get to all the sad stuff - THANK YOU kithan!


Alas, the rest of the news isn't as good, but it does involve thanking people - two newbies who I think impressed a lot of people over the course of this season.

Today we are saying goodbye to

Thank you so much to both of you, and I really hope you plan to stick around!!!

There were 3 people going, and the last spot ended up being a tie. Not a 10 way tie this week, but still a tie!

Which means that


will be in a run off. I'm sure most of you know how this works by now.

The two of you have until Sunday March 14th at 6pm EDT (NOTE THE START OF DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME - adjust your clocks accordingly) to link their Making Fire entry to this thread.