March 8th, 2010


Green Room - Week 17 - Day 2

This Green Room is for you.

Which means it's against everyone who isn't you!! Go Go Gadget Green Room!! :)


There is a run off going on:
So make sure that you vote for your favorite entries. There's only 7 to read, so hopefully people will take the time to read, comment, and support the ones that they like.


There is also a topic up: so make sure to read those too! (and get yours up if you are a current contestant. The Home Game thread will be up later today)


So what sort of Monday are *you* having?

Week 16 Tie Breaker of a Tie Breaker

Another poll - and another tie!!

This time between

Which means we go to the dreaded "tie breaker of the tie breaker".

The most used method of breaking a tie in Survivor is having a fire challenge. The one that is in the rule book, but only came out once (during Marquesas) was reaching into a bag and picking rocks. Pulling the purple rock meant you were going home...

With that in mind, we have a tie breaker of a tie breaker topic that is part Survivor and part Charlie Brown. ;)

I Got a Rock.

The two of you have until tomorrow Tuesday March 9th at 8pm EST to link your new entries back here.
Good luck to both of you, and have fun!