February 23rd, 2010


Green Room - Week 15 - Day 4

Happy National Pancake Day!

That's right. Those of you forced to be damn foreigners don't get free pancakes. But 'Mericans do! :)




A reminder:
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I've had people ask me about having specific genre or "types of" weeks. One of the ones that keeps coming up is "entries under 100 words". To me, it really fits into the same category as "write fiction" or "do a meta post". "video", etc.

I'm not a fan of purposefully limiting your work.

Some people do it as a test to themselves, and if they get something out of it, that's fantastic.

Ultimately, I think the format should serve the Work, not have the Work be determined by a preset format. Sometimes that can lead to interesting results, but I think those tend to work better when it is individually driven, when it's something you have set out to do because you want to do it rather than someone else telling you.

Which is why I don't plan on doing it any time soon. (That said, I did have an idea of how to potentially make it work if I decide to do a Season 7.)


The most important thing to remember is "Be Yourself" and let your work be *your* work. . . well, that and PANCAKES. Pancakes are pretty darn important too.