February 10th, 2010


Green Room - Week 13 - Day 7

Someone asked me about that Haiti joke yesterday. (They must have missed the ones that I made before!)

I don't know the various places on line that you go when you aren't here. (Always a mistake. The Internet is a horrible place. Just stay here. Don't even check your friends list, they are awful people. . . scheming against you. Just stay here. ;p) but the one thing I've been seeing since pretty much day 1 is people using the situation in Haiti for their own personal agenda.

"Do this - for Haiti". "Do that - for Haiti". Even if there isn't really a connection.

There are people who are doing various projects, and really donating the money. Thumbs up for them. But there are also plenty of people just throwing the name around. "Why are we talking about this when people need our help in Haiti????"

My joke was a take on that. Like I said, someone asked, so I wanted to make sure that everyone knew.

My cousin is actually on the ground over there right now. So while I'll joke about pretty much anything, the continuing seriousness of the situation has not escaped my attention.


That out of the way -


Make sure to cast your votes and make sure your favorites are around for another day! Protest the regime in Iran - vote!

(Damn, just did it again!)


How are you doing on this Hump Day?

Week 13 Results and Run off

Another dramatic finish to the week. It came down to the wire, and in one case it ended in a tie.
We will deal with that in a moment.

First we have to say goodbye to


I will post a proper goodbye later, and I know that I still owe one to the people from Week 12. I'm really sorry about that. It is being worked on I promise.

But for now please know that I expect to see both of you continue to be around and to show up for the Home Game. There is something big coming soon and I hope you are able to see it happen! :)
So keep an eye out!


We also have a tie breaker between

belgatherial - poppetawoppet
kandigurl - thaliontholwen

There are no teams for the tie-breaker, just topic (posted to this thread)

It is, of course, Making Fire and it is due to be linked back here tomorrow Thursday Feb 11th at 10pm EST.

Good luck to you all.