February 8th, 2010


Voting - Week 13

A few words from clauderainsrm:

Welcome to the Week 13 poll. Or as I like to call it, the poll that eliminates people in the 13th week.

Don't tell Scott Roeder.

Once again we had an Intersection, which means that everyone paired up and their ultimate fate will be determined by combining their votes with the votes of their partner.

Someone asked me "Do I need to vote for both of them?" and the answer is "Vote for whatever entries you like", the same as it always is. If you like one more than the other - vote for the one you like!

I think that's always a good rule!

Unfortunately this week there are two veteran fan favorite contestants who are no longer with us, having missed the deadline. So before we get to the poll, we bid adieu to deza and norda. Thank you for everything both of you. (your partners are automatically safe from the vote)

The two pairs with the fewest votes will be eliminated.

The poll closes Wednesday Feb 10th at 9pm EST so make sure to support your favorites to keep them in this, and as always, spread the word and give feedback whenever you can. These are the kinds of things that will help good writers get even better!

Good luck to everyone.

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