February 3rd, 2010


Green Room - Week 12 - Day 9

I couldn't believe that John Locke turned out to actually *be* the philosopher John Locke. I don't think anyone saw that one coming!

Or that Hurley was a mass murderer and secretly Jacob's brother Caleb. When he said "someone's at the door" I thought something was up, but I didn't expect him to hand her a rose like that.

The intersect will never be the same!!


In other news - there's a little matter of a poll going on: http://community.livejournal.com/therealljidol/297210.html

It's getting down to the wire, so don't pull a Chloe and watch as Sawyer falls over a cliff - make sure to keep them safe!! (anyone still looking for a spreadsheet to keep track of things www.ljidol.info is the place to be!)

Once you have done that - there are some Home Game folks who would love to hear from you:


And of course there's a "Who would I crush" poll (or something like that) going on over at http://tigrkittn.livejournal.com/80036.html

Results - Week 12

This week was all about partnerships and figuring out how to play well with others. I think there was some spectacular results, both on an individual and on a team level. Some people really got into the spirit of it, which I love seeing.

So that's my thumbs up for the week.

Now for my thumbs down. Or rather *potential* thumbs down, because it didn't end up impacting anything in the short run, but I'd rather not have to make the call if it does. I know there is only so much that can be done to contain people who want to help, obviously you want to encourage them - but please encourage people *not* to use inactive journals. I know there are people out there who have LJs but don't actually post in them. They have them to read their friends locked posts. My own mother has a LJ for that purpose! Hi Mom!!!

But when I start seeing new(er) accounts without activity I start looking at it. Heck, when I see limited activity I take a closer look - or various other types of behavior consistent with someone trying to stack the deck. As I said, it wasn't anything that affected anything - nor do I particularly think that any contestant even knew about it. But this season has been relatively free of such things. (an account here or there but nothing worth writing home about) In fact it's one of the most free I've seen it in quite some time. Which says a lot about you guys and your FL. You should be proud of that.

If it's too much of a red flag, and the vote is close enough, I will have to investigate the account even more thoroughly than I already am and assess the situation as needed. I would hate for it to come to that, so I just wanted to make sure, while I had your attention, to address it so everyone is on the same page and we can move forward.


Now for the even *more* thumbs down portion, where we have to say goodbye to people. It's a sad part of the Idol process. Unfortunately to get to the end, it is what is going to keep happening week after week.

This week was particularly bad for returning faces it seems.

(as usual I will add more in a bit, but for now I'll just post the names)

Goodbye to


(sorry, it will probably be tomorrow before I can finish them. My apologies)

Thank you so much for coming out this season,and I hope you will be continuing to play the Home Game.You never know what is going to happen,and pretty darn soon now that you mention it. . .
lj idol

Throw Back Intersection Week 13

While I'm working on the goodbyes, I figured I'd get the rest of you started with your hellos!!

That's right, the Throw Back keeps on coming,and so does the Intersection!!

Same topics as last week. Same rules apply.

You can't write the same topics you have already done this season *and* you can't write the same topic as your partner. Now that this is the 3rd week, with 5 topics,it does get a little bit more challenging.

To make it even more challenging - YOU NEED TO CHOOSE NEW PARTNERS.

You've all gone through the process now, so you know how important this decision can be!

*raises the gate and starts the frenzy*

Topic Week 13

As I said in the Throw Back Thread http://community.livejournal.com/therealljidol/298308.html

the topics for this week are:

- Moments of Devastating Beauty

- “I Don’t Care About Apathy”, What I “Should” Care About, But Don’t.

- Sexual Ethics

- "Who's that Trip Trapping Over My LJ?"

- Current Events*

(*Current Events is the only topic with an explanation and a rule. Pick something out of a reasonably current online news source, I’d love to see local news, but it’s not a requirement. Give it your own twist, feelings, insight, whatever, to the story. Also provide a link to the original source material)

You need to write one that you have not already done. So does your partner. (NOTE: To avoid the confusion I will spell it out: YOU AND YOUR PARTNER WRITE ON TWO DIFFERENT TOPICS, in other words, don't write on the same one.)

When you link your entries here, please make sure to include the name of your partner, and what topic YOU are handling to make things easier.

Entries need to be linked back here by Monday Feb 8th at 9pm EST

Have fun!!!