January 17th, 2010


Green Room - Week 10 - Weekend Edition

Hopefully you caught the announcement that the Gatekeepers are here this round, breaking furniture and drinking all of your stash of hard liquor before passing out in the middle of your living room with a pile of entries in their hands!!

If you didn't see it - well now you know!!

I did add a link to all of the entries in that post once someone asked for it! :) So if you just want to read the entries in the order they came in, the Topic post is the place you oughta be. . . black gold, movie stars.

But if you love the alphabet - http://www.ljidol.info/joomla15/current/topic-10-open-topic.html
Thanks again guys.


So, how are you doing this weekend?

Having fun or just can't wait to get back to work? :)

Or are you busy celebrating jenandbronze's birthday?