January 11th, 2010


Week 9 Results

Sometimes you make a mistake, and sometimes that mistake works out better than you could have ever planned.

The half-way point (numbers wise) for this season was 120. After this elimination, we were scheduled to be down to 119. HOWEVER, I'm an idiot.

There was someone placed in the wrong tribe. About as far from the right tribe as possible. She came in last in that misplaced tribe and thus is NOT going to be penalized for that.

Congratulations chalkolitlover and please accept my apologies.

That means that we *will* be at the even point between how many are in the game, and how many have left us. . . *after* this announcement.

As usual, I will come back in a bit to add some personal thoughts to each of them.

For now though, we are saying goodbye to

jennilee_rose: You are extremely fortunate to have found your "better half". It truly is a wonderful thing and I'm glad to see that you so clearly cherish it. Especially after your Empty Gestures entry I thought this week was a nice counterpoint and I thought really showed how far you have come over the years.

Just glancing over the entries again I would say, taking the emotional impact of your first entry out of the equation, that the entry about your visit to Hiroshama really stood out to me. Again, it's another one where there was a lot of raw emotion, but I thought you captured that moment well.

kate_spencer: After your Winter Wonderland entry I do have to admit that I'm a little surprised to see you here. Of course you started off the entry admitting that you were having a difficult time with the topic and had already deleted 5 different versions, so I probably shouldn't be *too* surprised. But there's still a part of me that is. I've already commented on the Winter Wonderland entry during the free topics commentary, so I won't repeat myself, but I thought there was just so much promise in your writing, and that you really showcased that in that entry.

I would love to have seen what you discarded, since that nagging voice that tells us "this isn't good enough" is often enough full of it.

monologuewithin: I miss the hat. Can I say that now? Too bad, I just did. I do. :)
I think the monologues were an interesting experiment to go with this time around. Of course then you went and broke it with POETRY. *shakes head* Yes, sometimes you will get away with one. But you can't count on it! I think you were building a base for this account and a bit of a reputation. But it just goes to show, one misstep on the wrong week is all it takes sometimes.

Go over to the corner for a bit and think about what you did young man. ;)

nikki_kp: You've been FIGHTING to stay in for quite some time now. Just every step of the way, every time I would think you were able to leave us, wham, you would get to that next stage! I think with enough runway you might have found a way to take off and land even further down the strip! I think I've been fairly clear on my love for seeing someone bear down and defy the odds and you certainly did that.

I noticed it at the time, but had to just go back to confirm that you really seemed to strip your entries down after Week 3, tearing away a lot of the fleshy bits and I think in some cases grabbing some of the bone as well. I don't know how deliberate that was. But when it worked, like in Bearing False Witness, it really worked.

quoting_mungo:Oh my foreign scarecrow, I think I will miss you most of all. :) As a writer you are one of those people that folks either warmly embrace or go "what the hell?" I have the feeling that applies to you as a person as well!! Since you are a returning veteran I can threaten you!! Don't you dare leave here!! We need you in the Green Rooms, and we certainly need your Home Game entries. Or at least I do. I don't know about the rest of these &(O&O)$s, oh um... was my mike still on? Um. . . hi, you nice wonderful people. How are you doing?

Thank you so much to all of you for coming out this season. I really hope that you will continue to play the Home Game, show up in the Green Room and of course continue to support your personal favorites. You never know what is going to happen next.

I hope you had fun. I know that I have enjoyed having you here.

Topic Week 10

It's one of the least favorite topics of all time.

But I think it should be the favorite! After all, for every other topic presented there are people who love it and people who hate it!

This is something *everyone* should love!! Because you get to come up with your own!

That's right - it's Open Topic.

It means what you think it means. Write on anything you want to write about and link the entry back here by Saturday Jan 16th at 7pm EST.

There are as many people left as are no longer with us - You have made it "half way".

But now - You're getting through this particular round with whatever is in your tank. Show us what you can do when left to your own devices. Amaze us all. Show us why you are still in the running!!

Good luck - and have fun!!!