January 2nd, 2010


Green Room - New Year Week - Weekend Edition

Apparently it's the weekend now - WHY DID NO ONE TELL ME???

Seriously people. Someone is supposed to be in charge of letting me know these things. Who fell down on the job? Was it due to a New Year's Eve induced hangover? Was it due to the movie the Hangover? Were you unable to move due to finding your pants securely wrapped around your ankles and a strange odor coming from the other room? Maybe that one was just me. . .


There is one IMPORTANT REMINDER that I need to make sure to let you know - and tell your friends about it too. . . the NEW TOPIC is going up on Monday. Probably early. But definitely on Monday.

This is the longest break that I've *ever* given - I hope that it is not repaid with a massive bye out. (and we have a 50+ contestant potential bye out looming. . .) My hope is that once we got passed the toughest part of the schedule that everyone would show up in the new year ready to write. I guess we will see how realistic that hope was!


How has 2010 been treating you so far? Are you still writing 2008 on your checks? Do you still even have checks anymore? Have some of the younger contestants even seen an actual check? ;)