January 1st, 2010


Green Room - New Years Day

There's been a joke among the vets for quite some time that every season I get a little nicer to the contestants. Certainly no one has ever had to undergo the rapid fire of the Season 4 finalists. (or so they tell me. :D)

So I went back, and sure enough - this time during Season 5 was a *deadline*. *cracks up* I was threatening them with a deadline *and* the start of the Month of the Doom!!


As hilarious as that is, I *will* say, that I doubt that anyone at the end of this next stretch of the competition is going to be talking about how *nice* I am. *cue ominous music* So enjoy it while you can!!


How was your New Year's Eve? How is the year going so far?

Find anyone you don't recognize in your house yet? In your car? Wearing your pants?


*rolls eyes* and oh yeah, happy birthday, or whatever to intrepia. . . ;)