December 29th, 2009


Green Room - New Years Week - Day 2

Seriously - put down whatever you are doing and go read some of the free topic entries:

Trust me, you won't regret it.

Unless of course you were in the process of *writing* a free topic entry. Or open heart surgery.

But in either case, I still think it was worth it. Don't you????

I've just been reading them, and since there isn't a vote this time around, without naming names DAMN some of them are excellent.

And by that I of course mean YOURS. Whoever you happen to be. I can't believe how good it was (insert your name here). You do work most fine. So fine it blows my mind, hey (insert your name here)!


So, while I have you here - What sort of entries do you like the bestest?
Care to share examples?("so and so writes gud 'bout this"), what keeps you coming back for more???

And of course, how many marshmallows do you want in your hot chocolate? There's a line forming behind you, so you better make up your mind!!