December 23rd, 2009


Green Room - Week 8 - Day 9

Things that I have forgotten today:

My lunch

My access badge for work

To wake up on time

Things that I have NOT forgotten today:

That we are sending some people home tonight:
Make sure it's not one of your favorites!!

To post a Green Room

The hot/cold pack and pain meds. *shakes fist at teeth* "Merry Christmas motherf-ing teeth!!!"


How are YOU doing today? What did you forget/not forget?


Happy Birthday to roina_arwen and lordrexfear!

Results and Reinstatements!

Who will be home for Christmas?

Glad you asked!

The following have been eliminated. . .


As promised - there was an elimination this week. . .

By sheer coincidence, they all just happen to have been the people specially selected to be REINSTATED INTO THE GAME BY EXECUTIVE ORDER.

So welcome back all of you!!! :D Merry Christmas.

(Oh come on, sure, I'm a heartless bastard - but did anyone *really* expect to have anyone packing their bags a couple days before Christmas????)

The new topic will be posted on Monday, Jan 4th. Go - enjoy your vacation and spend time with your families.

I will be posting Green Rooms and Free Topics between now and then. But you guys need to rest. Because the competition is going to get getting a lot more intense in the new year!!!