December 15th, 2009


Week 7 - Results and Tie Breaker

We have reached the end of another round of voting and it's time again for everyone's (well, most people's at least) least favorite part. Announcing who will be leaving us this week.

This time around the list consists entirely of old friends. People who have been in and around Idol for a fair period of time.

So I certainly hope that I don't have to say to them the things that I usually say. Hopefully they know.

But I will add some stuff later on an individual basis.

Leaving us this week are:

canadian_diva - After a near brush last week, here we are. I honestly have to say that I'm shocked given how well your "Making Fire" entry was received, to be seeing you here.

There is a real texture to your writing- A welcoming comfort in the way you use language that I think is extremely appealing. Maybe an IPhone entry wasn't the best use of that - but hey, you went out talking about something you love, which is not something that everyone can say.

lordrexfear - I actually saw your post about how you were going to be voted out this week *before* I checked the polls. I thought maybe it was close and there were some jitters. But, alas, it appears that you had a read on the situation. I knew you were really busy this time around. Heck, I was surprised that you decided to sign up, but I'm sure that I speak for many folks who might not have come across you before, that I'm glad you did.

johnmill79 -A true class act and one heck of a writer. Just an all around joy to have around. Someone else who threw their hat into the ring despite everything else on their plate. I don't know else to say about this one other than to repeat that first line again: "A true class act and one heck of a writer". That really does tell you everything you need to know about the guy.

Thank you so much to all of you.


We also have a run off. Because it seems lately that's what we do. ;)

This time around it is between

nikki_kp and shanns_ljidol.

As normal, the topic is Making Fire and they have until Wednesday December 16th at 8 pm EST to link their entries back to here. Good luck to you both.

Topic Week 8

In the midst of "The Holiday Season", a time of warmth and togetherness - it's pretty obvious what this week's topic was going to be.

I'm sure everyone called it.

That's right:


The deadline to link your entries back to this thread is Sunday December 20th at 5pm EST

Have fun!!

a reminder: this thread is for topic links only.