December 10th, 2009


Green Room - Week 7 - Day 3

We've got a run off going on:

A few votes either way seems to be what is going to make the difference. So support your favorite entry!

Current contestants need to make sure to put in their own entries at:
Remember - Deadline is Saturday afternoon.


What's going on with you? Is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas or is it the same old song?

Run off Results

When I say this one was close, I mean it.

At 3:10, when I hit the "close poll" button the screen I was staring at said that we were facing another tie. The poll closed, still at 3:10, and diagenou was behind by one vote. The space of the time between a button being pushed and LJ processing it. That is how close this was.

It brought out enough new voters that I took the extra time to vet them to make sure everything was on the up and up. It was.

As was said - neither of these two "should" have been up for elimination. But they were. That's the nature of the beast and the reason everyone needs to support their favorites. Because it really can come down to being one refresh away from elimination.

It also highlights the message *vote for yourself*.

So today we say goodbye to diagenou. I'll say more a little later, but for now I just want to say thank you for coming out and giving us all the opportunity to read your writing. I do hope you plan on sticking around with the home game and supporting your personal favorites. You never know when the opportunity is going to come to have a chance to get back into the game. But until then, thank you.

It's a lot of time and a devastating loss later, but I still wanted to say a little something. I don't think you should be at all surprised at the accolades and support you have received in this thread or during the run off. You are an extremely talented writer and I am glad that people are getting to see that.

Anyone who doesn't read the comment threads, week 4's entry was brought up and I'll add my voice to the people who thought it was excellent.

You said something a month ago today that caught me off guard at the time, and was one of the first things that I thought about when I saw you were going to be in a run off: "I know more about them than they know about me." I think that, combined with taking two early byes is the reason you never got the exposure you deserved.

People *should* have been reading you. But in a field this big it's sometimes hard to locate all of the gems, and especially difficult if they are sometimes hiding.

That said, I'm really looking forward to what you are going to be coming up with for the Home Game and beyond.