December 9th, 2009


Green Room - Week 7 - Day 2

Good morning.

Another day, another series of links.

The new topic is up:

We said goodbye to a couple more of your fellow contestants: and announced a tie-breaker.

Everyone is someone's favorite, and by the end we will be saying goodbye to everyone but 1 person. I can say that a million times, but until it happens to someone you weren't "expecting" to see eliminated, it doesn't register. When it does, it can often take on different versions of the same theme, mostly about how other people weren't voting for "good writing".

But the bottom line is, taste is a very subjective thing. You see that on the various rec lists out there and certainly in the voting. If you like someone who isn't getting the attention you think they deserve to be getting - *give them attention*.

If you think that someone who tends to be toward the bottom of the polls "shouldn't be there" or just plain shows a lot of promise but just "isn't quite there yet" - encourage them in their craft and tell other people what you like about them. It's a very simple idea, but especially around the holidays when even some of your fellow contestants aren't voting for themselves, every last vote is going to end up counting.

Thus far this season the votes have been pretty darn close. Which means the person who could be making a difference in someone's survival could very well be YOU.


BTW - Happy Wednesday, how the hell are you?

Voting - Week 6 - Run Off

Like Cab Calloway in the middle of a hideehoo. . . we have unfinished business.

To be exact, we have a run off. To be more specific we have a run off where the lowest vote getter is going to be eliminated.
To be right on the money they are going to be eliminated when the poll closes on Thursday Dec 10th at 3:10pm EST.
To be completely unrelated – POPCORN.

The tie-breaker topic was “Making Fire”.

Good luck to both of you.

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