December 5th, 2009


Green Room - Week 6 - Weekend Edition

Just want to remind people who might be thinking a different timeframe - deadline to get your entries in is 7 pm EST

Yes, it's looking like a decent amount of byes this week, which means with the new tribes who ends up with tribal immunity is going to be down to the wire. Every post counts toward helping out your tribe - and let's face it, putting out your best work, in a time when there are a bunch of byes, helps you. Especially if you might not be getting the attention you feel that a particular piece has deserved. The fewer entries, the more attention there is going to be focused on the entries that *are* there.


That said - good afternoon!/morning because I *way* overslept! ;)

I was going to do the Santa Parade today, but obviously that did not happen. I guess that's one more strike for me toward being on the naughty list!

What plans are on your list is weekend? Are they naughty or nice?

In case anyone who needs to see this is reading - due to the LJ outage this afternoon I moved back the deadline for an hour, to 8pm EST. So if you know someone who still needs to get an entry in, tell them that the clock is ticking.

Voting - Week 6

A few words from clauderainsrm:

As sure as the sun rises in the morning, there is a another LJ Idol poll.

The first thing you will probably notice is that there are a lot of "byes" this week. The holiday season, between Thanksgiving and Christmas, tends to be rather "bye-heavy" as a lot of people end up giving themselves a break to deal with family and assorted real life issues. Which just means that everyone not taking their bye, or if you have already used them up - it means the pressure is on!

Of course, for people taking them, it means there is that much less of a safety net between them and being eliminated. Bringing everyone else that much closer to the end.

Hopefully, the next thing you will notice is the new tribes that were selected by the new Tribe Leaders! Thanks again guys for your assistance in choosing your new tribe mates.

The poll will close Tuesday December 8th at 9pm EST. Read the entries, cast your votes for your favorites (and while you are at it, comment to them, everyone loves feedback!) and help us decide who is going to be around to see the sunrise come up over our next week!

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Eliminations, Tribal Immunity and Such Things

It's that time again - time to announce the bye-outs and to officially announce which tribe received immunity this week.

A little bit of a good news/bad news post, only in the opposite order.

Two individuals, who would have byed-out, officially dropped out before the deadline. Which amounts to the same thing in the long run, they are no longer with us. But they were able to let us know and I really appreciate that:


The following contestants used up their last bye, and missed this deadline - and are saying goodbye to us this week, including someone that I can honestly say was the favorite non-human contestant of the season:


Goodbye to all of you, and thank you for coming out. I hope that you are planning on sticking around and continuing to support your favorites!


Now for the good news - well, good news for one tribe at least.

Once again, it came down to *1* extra bye, but in the end, the tribe that will not be losing anyone this week is
Tribe Lynxypoo's Bye